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Sat 15 Jan 2022

About us

SAFE is a small registered charity whose mission is to support local landowners to legally rescue and re-home abandoned and neglected horses in the Berkshire & Surrey areas.

SAFE currently cares for 23 horses, all funded entirely on donations and with volunteer’s time.  All were horses rescued from Berkshire and Surrey.  SAFE volunteers will give their time to look after the pony daily, including feeding, mucking out, grooming them and handling them to get them ready for re-homing.  

Founded in winter 2014, SAFE was established in response to a local crisis when 38 horses and ponies were left abandoned in a field in Binfield, Berkshire. SAFE is run by a small group of horse- loving volunteers across Berkshire and Surrey. They give up their time on a regular basis to help horses and ponies who have been abandoned or neglected, keeping them ‘SAFE’ and away from harm. The fundamental objectives of the organisation are the 3 R’s – Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome.

The horses come into the care of SAFE with a range of health issues, frightened and timid having had little or no human contact. The volunteers look after them, gain their trust over time and with the help of vets and farriers, nurse them back to a full bill of health.

What we do:

  • Assist members of the public attempting to legally rescue an abandoned horse or pony.
  • Assist in locating Land Owners.
  • Advise Land Owners on their rights re: Control of Horses Act 2015 and serving ‘Abandonment Notices’.
    Share our experiences and knowledge on this subject.
  • Physically assist with the legal removal of an abandoned horse or pony once notice served in the Berkshire & Surrey area.
  • Assist in finding temporary care for legally rescued horses and ponies.
  • Take in legally rescued horses and ponies for rehabilitation when space and support allows.

Why we need your help:

Despite Berkshire & Surrey being home to many prestigious equine establishments and events there are surprisingly many horses in this area needing the help of SAFE. All of the major equine rescue and re-homing organisations in England and Wales are under immense pressure due to the increasing number of horses and ponies needing their help.

These charities will soon be physically unable to cope with the number of horses needing urgent care but for as long as funds and voluntary assistance are available, SAFE will continue its work to rehabilitate rescued horses until they are healthy and suitable for re-homing.

We are a ‘no profit’ group dependent entirely on goodwill donations and will be frugal with all monies spent.  Before we are able to take in a new rescue we will reach out to supporters to ensure that all costs can be covered. We will also regularly run extra fund raising efforts when money is required for emergency cases or specific items, such as fencing, transport, specific items of equipment etc.  In addition to caring for our horses, we assist in local rescue cases often resulting in transport and veterinary costs.

Any help financially goes a long way for us!

We need your help so we can continue to help these wonderful creatures!  There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing these ponies happy and healthy.

Thank you so much for your support and best of luck!

Yours sincerely,

Katherine - SAFE Volunteer

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